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– Channel: Canal 13 Colombia

Canal 13 Colombia

Canal 13 Colombia

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– Description: Canal 13 is a Colombian regional television channel, focused on young audiences. Its signal covers Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Tolima, Huila, Casanare, Meta, Vichada, Arauca, Caquetá, Guaviare, Vaupés, Amazonas, and Putumayo. It broadcasts from Bogotá.

It launched 1998 as Teveandina, operated by then state-run company Telecom. It was the first Colombian channel broadcasting in stereo. After Telecom faced a financial crisis and because of its low ratings, it was renamed as Canal 13 in 2001 and became operated by the National Television Commission.

Its signal reaches Western Colombia (Valle del Cauca, Chocó, Cauca and Nariño), although it can be received via satellite since 1996.

Telepacífico stands out for its educational and informative programming. The EDUCA TV programme, started in 2001, was taken by Colombian Education Ministry as a national model.
– Home: http://www.canal13.com.co/
– Stream : http://www.canal13.com.co/playerCanal13.swf
– Country: Comlobia
– Language: Spanish
– Category: Local




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