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– Channel: Duna TV Duna Televízió

Duna TV Duna Televízió

Duna TV Duna Televízió

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– Description: Duna TV or Duna Televízió is one of two public television services in Hungary. “Duna” is the Hungarian name for the Danube. Duna TV operates two channels: Duna and Duna World.
Duna TV had been originally funded from television licence fees imposed on owners of television sets. In July 2002, the government abolished the fee. Today, 80% of Duna TV’s funding is secured by the state budget with the rest coming from selling television
– Home: http://www.mediaklikk.hu/duna
– Stream : http://www.mediaklikk.hu/media-lejatszo/?ch=3
– Country: Hungary
– Language: Hungarian
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