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– Channel: MTV Magyar Televízió

MTV Magyar Televízió

MTV Magyar Televízió

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– Description: Magyar Televízió (or Hungarian Television) is the Hungarian national public service television company, with three TV channels, called M1 (M1 HD), M2 (M2 HD) and M3.
Until July 2002, when the Hungarian Socialist Party-Alliance of Free Democrats government took over the payment of licence fees from members of the public, MTV was funded by the levying of a television licence on all households with a television set. As a result of the governments move, funding became dependent on from government grants and television commercials,[1] greatly lessening the independence of MTV. MTV is a member of the EBU. Since 2011 MTV is more closely integrated with other publicly funded Hungarian media outlets such as Magyar Rádió and Duna Televízió.
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