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Pro sieben

Pro sieben

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– Description: ProSieben (Sieben is German for seven) is a commercial television station in Germany distributed to a large extent via cable and satellite along with DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial). It began operations on January 1, 1989. Since 2003 the station, as part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media, is owned by a group of investors led by Haim Saban. ProSieben is Germany’s second largest privately owned television company. Although some of ProSieben’s programming is self-produced, it also airs many North American imports. On May 3, 2012, ProSieben launched a sister payTV channel called ProSieben Fun.
There are three different programmes, ProSieben Deutschland (for Germany), ProSieben Austria (for Austria) and ProSieben Schweiz (for Switzerland). Mostly, the main difference is that they have different adverts and news for every country.
Their motto is “We love to entertain you.” Media stars, some German and many American (e.g. Tom Cruise, for the channel’s broadcast of Minority Report and cast members of such shows as Lost, Desperate Housewives, or The O.C.) say the motto as part of the station’s campaign, these promos being shown as lead-ins to programs.

The “ProSieben Star Force” lead-ins show the German stars of ProSieben as they are involved in tongue-in-cheek funny moments as the station’s “Entertainment Agents”, with Stefan Raab (TV total), Christoph Maria Herbst (Stromberg), and Michael “Bully” Herbig (Bullyparade) in a more recent promo as an agent.
ProSieben broadcasts from the Astra 1L and 3A satellites and is uplinked by SES Platform Services.
– Home: http://www.prosieben.de/
– Stream : http://streamtivi.com/?name=G:0101010c0b0e70726f2073696562656e00
– Country: Germany,Austria,Switzerlandy
– Language: German
– Category: Business




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