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– Channel: Televisión Mexiquense

Televisión Mexiquense

Televisión Mexiquense

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– Description: Mexiquense TV, also known as Canal 34, is a public television network for the Mexican state of México. The network’s main station, XHPTP-TV channel 34 (analog) and channel 41 (digital), originates from Tres Padres Peak in the municipality of Coacalco de Berriozabal, State of Mexico. The network and its stations are owned by Sistema de Radio y Televisión Mexiquense (Mexican Radio and Television System); its coverage area is the Cuautitlán Valley, Texcoco, the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City, the State of Mexico and the Federal District.

For the capital city of Toluca and the surrounding Toluca Valley area, Televisión Mexiquense retransmits its signal via XHGEM-TV channel 12.
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– Country: Mexico
– Language: Spanish
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