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– Channel: TV Biznes

TV Biznes

TV Biznes

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– Description: Polsat Biznes is the Polish-language TV channel on economic issues. It was created in 2004 as TV Biznes. The founder and owner TV Biznes was a professor Piotr Chomczyński and Piotr Barełkowski. Since February 8, 2007 the owner of TV Biznes is Polsat Group. February 18, 2013, there was a rebranding of TV Biznes and changed the name to Polsat Biznes.

Polsat Biznes broadcasts of a news and current affairs, stock quotes, business magazines, documentary and lifestyle programs.

Channel in competition with the Polsat Biznes is TVN CNBC has existed since September 2007.
– Home: www.tvbiznes.pl
– Stream : http://cm2.atmitv.pl/ContentManager/swf/Player.swf?m=http://cm2.atmitv.pl/ContentManager/utilitiesGetFlashPlayList.go?iid=137&a=0&h=PTELK&f=http://cm2.atmitv.pl/ContentManager/swf/Player.swf&hd=1
– Country: Poland
– Language: Warsaw, Poland
– Category: Business




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